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10 Must-Have Items for Your Micro Campervan Adventure

Updated: 55 minutes ago

Campervan in Scotland

As a travel enthusiast, I have always been drawn to the idea of exploring the great outdoors in a campervan. The freedom to go wherever the road takes you, the flexibility to stay at stunning locations, and the comfort of having your own cosy space on wheels - it's a dream come true for many. And when it comes to campervans, there's nothing quite like the charm and convenience of a micro campervan. These compact vehicles are perfect for solo travellers or couples looking to embark on an unforgettable adventure. In this blog post, I will share with you my ultimate checklist of 10 must-have items that I have in my micro campervan. 

She's Going Solo may receive commissions for links included in articles to Amazon and other affiliate partners. Recommendations are not given out lightly, and all products recommended have been tried and tested.

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Benefits of Travelling in a Micro Campervan

Before we dive into the checklist, let's take a moment to appreciate the many benefits of travelling in a micro campervan:

  1. Their small size makes them incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces or narrow roads, ideal for The Lake District! This means you can explore remote and off-the-beaten-path locations that larger campervans may struggle to reach.

  2. Micro campervans are more fuel-efficient, saving you money on petrol or diesel during your trip. 

  3. Their compact size allows for more accessible parking, whether it's in a campsite or a scenic spot by the beach or in the mountains.

My Top 10 Items for My Micro Campervan

1. My Campingaz Cook CV Stove 

This Campingaz Cook CV Stove is small and portable, easy to clean and uses CV 470 gas cartridges, which I love as they fit on so securely and are small enough to fit in my campervan. I never use the stove in the van without the doors/windows/vents open.

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 9.6cm, Consumption: 261g/h, Weight: 1.9kg, Operated with CV 470 Plus cartridges, Power: 3,600 W, Hose and regulator included.

Camping Stove CV

2. USB-Charged Tap 

I couldn't believe it when I found this USB-charged tap after struggling with a foot pump tap. It turned out I had to use my hand to use it as the van was so small I couldn't use my feet and, therefore, it was impossible to wash my hands. This tap is excellent: Water is dispensed at the touch of a button, it charges via a USB, and the battery seems to last for ages. This was a game-changer!

All-in-One Package: The package includes everything you need - 1 Water Pump, 1 USB Cable, and 1 Hose. No extra tools are required for quick and seamless installation. 

Portable USB Charging Tap

3. Selk Bag - the All-In-One Sleeping Bag!

The Selk Bag is a revolutionary wearable sleeping bag that has changed how I camp and spend time in my van. It is the perfect way to stay warm, cosy, and comfortable while camping and living life on the road. This unique product is made from recycled plastic, making it both environmentally friendly and durable. So, if you're looking for a way to make your next camping or van life experience even more incredible, you can't go wrong with the Selk Bag!

Selk Bag

4. Bluetti Power Station

The Bluetti Power Station is ideal for van life because it is portable, not too big or heavy (bearing in mind the battery size), making it easy to take on trips without too much weight or space used up. You can plug the station into any wall socket and have instant charging. The station can also be charged up from the van battery when on the move.

The power station has some very nice features, such as having 11 different outputs. Includes 5 USB outputs (4 x USB-A 5V/3A and 1 x USB-C, 100W), 2 x 220-240V AC outputs for devices like laptops or hair straighteners and 3 x DC outlets, including 1 x 12V/10A car outlet, which can be used for devices like cool boxes etc. Furthermore, it has a wireless charger on the top for phones, meaning no need for extra cables. Compared to its main rivals, it has a longer battery life and faster charging times.

Currently, only £399 is reduced from £599 on Bluetti - Click Here!

Bluetti Power Station

5. Hi Gear Portable Flush Toilet

As I do a lot of 'wild' van camping, there are often no facilities, and therefore, I like having a toilet. It is not always possible to 'go' outside, and quite often, you shouldn't be leaving any waste behind. So, I have this great compact toilet that tucks in under my bed, and so far, I have never had any problem with smells. I use Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid and find it works really well.

Portable Toilet

6. Globe Fairy Lights with Remote Control

These fairy lights are perfect for my van. The USB plugs directly into my Bluetti, and with the handy remote, I can control them without having to dive underneath my bed. These are 100 LEDs, so I have some spares, which I can extend outside when the weather is good. I like the warm white colour, and you can change the brightness and mode. An absolute bargain at £19.99—Click Here!

Campervan at Night

7. Foldable Camping Chair

This lovely little camping chair folds up small and tucks quite nicely away into my storage area, which isn't that big. It comes with a bag and assembles really quickly; all the poles are attached. You just need to slot them into place. The chair also has a pocket on the side where you can pop any items in, including drinks.

Campervan in The Mountains

8. Fire Pit

Where possible, I would never do this on a 'wild camp' unless in Scotland (So campsites in England). I love to get the fire on, and this great lightweight fire pit does the job. It's easy to assemble, comes with its own bag, and folds up to 3.6in x 3.6in x 13in. It's reusable and easy to clean.

Portable Fire Pit

9. Garmin Mini

I never go anywhere without my Garmin Mini. I take it on Hikes, Wild Camps, and when I'm out in the van. As I spend most of my time out in the countryside, I'm often without a signal, so I can use this to call for help if needed and message my family back home. My family can even locate me if I haven't been in contact.

Full Review to Follow!

Whilst the device costs a lot of money, it is invaluable when you have no phone signal and are out on your own! There is no price for safety!

Garmin Mini

10. Bluetooth Speaker and Radio

This Bluetooth Radio and Speaker is an excellent addition to the van. If there is no signal for the radio, you can play audiobooks, podcasts, etc., that have been downloaded on your phone through Bluetooth. It has excellent sound and is a good size to store away.

Portable Radio and Speaker

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11. Corkscrew

I know there are 11, but I couldn't not mention the old corkscrew as there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realising the wine is not a screw top!


Conclusion: Start planning your Micro Campervan Adventure!

With this ultimate checklist of 10 must-have items for your micro campervan adventure, you'll be well-prepared to hit the road and create lifelong memories. Remember to prioritise safety, pack essential kitchen, clothing, and personal items, and ensure a comfortable sleep with the right camping gear. Lastly, remember to bring along some entertainment and leisure items to make your journey even more enjoyable. So start planning your micro campervan adventure today and discover the freedom and beauty that awaits you on the open road!

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She's Going Solo may receive commissions for links included in articles to Amazon and other affiliate partners. Recommendations are not given out lightly, and all products recommended have been tried and tested.


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