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Introducing the Selk Bag: A Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit That Makes Camping and Van Life Even More Awesome

Updated: Jun 17

Sleeping Bag Suit

Introducing The Selk Bag: the revolutionary wearable sleeping bag that has changed how I camp and spend time in my van. The Selk Bag is the perfect way to stay warm, cosy, and comfortable while camping and living life on the road. This unique product is made from recycled plastic, making it both environmentally friendly and durable. So, if you're looking for a way to make your next camping or van life experience even more incredible, you can't go wrong with the Selk Bag!

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What is the Selk Bag Sleeping Bag Suit?

The Selk Bag is a wearable sleeping bag that provides unparalleled levels of comfort and mobility. Its form-fit design allows you to move freely while keeping you warm and cosy. The Selk Bag comes in various colours and styles, so you can find one that fits your personality. It's perfect for van life, camping, or simply lounging around the house, particularly with high energy costs! Plus, it's made from recycled plastic, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. So don't just sleep; wear the Selk Bag!

Furthermore, Selk is a proud member of 1% for the Planet Organisation, which means they will donate at least 1% of their sales every year to both local and national environmental non-profit organisations, so they can protect our fantastic playground, called Planet Earth.

How is the Selk Bag made?

The fabric, insulation and zippers are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. What's more, each Selk Bag is made with up to 230 plastic bottles! So by purchasing the Selk Bag, you can also help to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. The bag is made from plastic bottles turned into hollow fibre insulation and a soft polyester shell, making it durable enough for camping, van life, and any other outdoor activities you might want to do.

The Selk Bag also has several features, such as an adjustable hood, extra-long zippers for easy entry and exit, elastic hand enclosures, removable booties, and pockets for storing personal belongings. Plus, it easily packs into a small carry bag for convenience when travelling.

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All Of The Features:

These are the features of the Original Recycled Bag:

Elastic Hand Enclosures - Elastic no-hassle hand openings

Kangaroo Style Pocket - Bring your hands to rest and keep anything you need handy.

Adjustable Hood - The attached hood is insulated and flexible for the best fit, warmth, and comfort.

Removable Booties -Zip-off booties reinforced with durable nylon so you can wear your shoes when active or the booties when sleeping.

Cargo Pocket - Stash your phone or whatever you need handy.

Leg Vents - Leg vents help regulate temperature when you get too warm.

Side Entry - Access your pockets or fly.

Stuff Sack -Keep your Selk' organised and ready to go with a convenient stuff sack.

Machine Washable

4 Sizes: Small: 3.39 lb / 1.54 kg, Medium: 3.79 lb / 1.72 kg, Large: 4.16 lb / 1.89 kg, X-Large: 4.59 lb / 2.08 kg

Comfort Rating

44° F / 6°C - Limit: 35° F / 2°C


Overall, the Selk Bag is an incredibly innovative way of recycling plastic waste into something wearable and comfortable. Not only will you be helping to reduce plastic waste, but you'll also have a cosy and practical sleeping bag that you can use while out camping or living in a van.

After trying out the Selk Bag, I feel it's a great piece of equipment for campers and van-lifers. The wearable sleeping bag is easy to move around in, with plenty of arm and leg room (don't go too small on the size), so you won't feel like you're in a mummy sleeping bag. It's also hot and made of recycled plastic fibres, so you can feel good about helping the environment while keeping yourself cosy. The Selk Bag is an excellent choice for camping and van life; it is comfortable, lightweight, and the ideal way to stay warm outdoors.

I love the detachable booties as you can keep your feet warm if you're inside, but you can take them off to go out. I hate getting out in the cold, but with the Selk, say goodbye to the cold! This was the perfect addition to my kit for the winter in the van, and I feel it's well worth the money as the quality of it means you will get years out of it.

How can I get my own Selk Bag?

Access the website here.

If you use the discount code SELK-GOINGSOLO15, you will get 15% off the total price.

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