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360 Dry Waterproof Gloves - Gear Review

Updated: Feb 16

I had already tried the socks which I loved so I was more than happy to try out their new gloves and again I was really impressed. They were the perfect fit and extremely soft and comfy, just like the socks (Read the review here) and they have a touchscreen-friendly thumb and finger, which makes life so much easier! I also had to completely submerge my hands into Ullswater to see if they stood up to the waterproof test and they did, I was impressed.

The gloves are made from a 3-layer construction using a waterproof and breathable membrane and they are vegan. The gloves come in three sizes, Small, medium and Large and are currently at an introductory price of £27.99, which will go up to £29.99 shortly.

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I recently used these gloves scrambling up Striding edge and they kept my hands warm and dry I was able to take lots of photos without the hassle of having to remove them all the time.

These gloves get a strong vote from me and they are the perfect addition to anyone's day pack!

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